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 5 Key Features to Expect in Future Smartphones 08/22/2014

Smartphones are always the talk of the town when gadgets are in the picture, and there is a real buzz about them. They have become the latest hand accessory and a very fashionable one with a majority of people depending on the technology at hand. The year 2013 has certainly been an exciting year for a huge number of smartphones. But still the continuous development of smartphones in China indicates the year 2014 to be even more exciting than the previous one.

The advancement of smartphones has brought several advantages to the human lifestyle. It no longer is just a gadget that helps you stay connected with your friends and family over Whatsapp or BBM, rather has now become a convenient device that helps to manage both your professional and personal life with the help of a touch.

Every month many new and branded smartphones come out with far better configuration than the previous model or the competitors. The big smartphone manufacturers in China are racing hard to put all latest technologies in a small package to make your life more simple and easy. A no-nonsense guide below briefly describes about the five new features that you will be seeing on your future gadgets.

  • Flexible Screens: Coming in a handy size, smartphones still provide wider screens to play, watch your favorite games and movies. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology has now come up with a paper-thin foldable and unfoldable screens. With this you cannot only share videos or pictures with your friend on one side, but can also have the control on the other.
  • Built-In Projector: If flexible screens are not enough, then incorporating a projector within could reduce the need for a flat TV screen. Built-in projectors for smartphones should be small because the smaller the projector will be, the lesser light it will emit.
  • Sapphire Glass: Screen is one of the biggest concerns for manufacturers who are looking forward to make their phones tough to reduce breakage. The recent boom in Corning's Gorilla glass has made large screens of smartphones practical with a lot less breakage. Unlike Gorilla glass, now sapphire glass made out of synthetic sapphire is likely to make an entry soon. Sapphire is nearly as hard as diamond, making it next to impossible to scratch or break.
  • 3D Screens and Holograms: After the invention of Apple's Retina Display, mobile companies are getting shifted from 2D to 3D future features of smartphones. At present, there are few 3D phones available in the market. And after this 3D invention the next possible path could be holographic projections. The advancement of holographic projections in smartphones can blow your mind. And when it comes to user interactions, the 3D displays can be integrated with various elements of the movements.
  • Seamless Voice Control: With voice control receiving much more attention now, researchers have been made to improve its development that has proved to be an outstanding task. The newly introduced voice recognition app when successfully combined with gestures, can take interaction to an advanced level.

It is true that one touch can alter your lives. With many new smartphones already breaking the record on ultra crisp displays and super-fast processors, smartphone manufacturers from China are working hard to discover more new features that would compel anyone to buy their next smartphone from them.

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