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----Knowing Advantages of Stylish and Quality Intelligent Watches 09/16/2014

Watches are important in our day to day life. A watch on wrist is found very convenient when you want to know the time. After easier availability and accessibility of cell phones, people find time on their mobile sets rather than watches. But, finding time on mobiles may not be easy always. Suppose you are busy in an activity like practicing yoga, exercise or other work where your mobile is not at the hands. At such instances you can consider using a watch like wearable devices that support additional features or facilities besides showing the time. More..

----Future Prospects of Smartwatches & Smartphones 08/31/2014
Wearable devices are paving a new path for extending the functionality of Smartphones. The technology is a going pretty big on popularity charts. The gadget that is a must topic of discussion nowadays is the watch, or more precisely, Smartwatch. This is a device that could easily replace wristwatch we currently use. All renowned manufacturers of intelligent watch namely Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm, pebble, Sony, Motorola and LG see a market have most of them have launched their product, while other are in the offing. Surveys show that market is slowly but surely looking for computer wearables devices and the focus is centered above the Smartwatches. More..

----5 Key Features to Expect in Future Smartphones 08/22/2014
Smartphones are always the talk of the town when gadgets are in the picture, and there is a real buzz about them. They have become the latest hand accessory and a very fashionable one with a majority of people depending on the technology at hand. The year 2013 has certainly been an exciting year for a huge number of smartphones. But still the continuous development of smartphones in China indicates the year 2014 to be even more exciting than the previous one. More..
----China and Its Smartphone Market 07/24/2014

China topped the USA in 2012 to become the world's largest global market of smart phone users and over the past two years, the use has quadrupled. It is one of those mature markets where the growth of smart phone has been more than what was predicted. No doubt that the huge population of the country might have helped in achieving the feat, there are other factors also that a role or two to play behind this seismic demand. More..

----Tablets That can Help You in Studies 06/30/2014

Education is the first priority for every child. The learning process should not be seen as a burden, rather should be enjoyed and indulged in like everything else. High school and college students while learning, writing notes or working on various tasks need access to a lot of information. And the best way to find them is by using the Internet. To make things easier, what could be better than a tablet that can make your search much smoother and faster by providing you with the best user experience of the Internet and several relative apps. More..

----Tablet Manufacturer 05/25/2014

The wireless world continues to expand rapidly every day and with this expansion comes, innovative ways for tablet manufacturers to   create the best possible products on the market.GBDPower is a joint-stock cooperation company in China. Established in 2002,   
is a leading tablet manufacturer as well a tablet pc manufacturer that continues to produce the highest quality products and accessories. More..
----Smartphone Manufacturers 03/20/2014
The heavy tech world we live in expands constantly. Every day more and more people around the world enter the mobile world of communication. At GBDPower we are very excited about the continued expansion of wireless communication across the globe.GBDPower is one the leading smart phone manufacturers and suppliers of Smartphones and other portable products. Mobile technology is growing rapidly and there are many possibilities for growth within the industry. More..
----China Tablet Manufacturer 02/15/2014
Mobile technology across the world is increasing at a rapid pace and shows no signs of slowing down. GBDPower, a Chinese tablet manufacturer and supplier is excited about the endless possibilities in the global market.This competitive market fuels our motivation to stay ahead of the competition. As a professional tablet supplier from China, we offer the highest quality tablets, smart phones and accessories available on the market today. More..
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