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The heavy tech world we live in expands constantly. Every day more and more people around the world enter the mobile world of communication. At GBDPower we are very excited about the continued expansion of wireless communication across the globe. GBDPower is one the leading smart phone manufacturers and suppliers of Smartphones and other portable products. Mobile technology is growing rapidly and there are many possibilities for growth within the industry. As a manufacturer of smart phones we have extended the opportunity for individuals and companies interested in becoming resellers of smartphones, tablets and accessories. With the assistance of our knowledgeable sales team, we have helped many resellers start a tablet, smart phone and accessory business.

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One of the global advantages in considering a resale partnership with a manufacturer of smart phones such as GBDPower is the fact that we are limitless in where we can do business. GBDPower has no national or regional limitations and the possibilities are endless in regard to business opportunitiesas a smart phone reseller. High quality manufacturing standards have grown our business to three smart phone factories within only nine years. Our productions lines are non-stop so that we are able to provide products from one of our three smart phone manufacturer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We help businesses market and build a brand of their own and offer tech support for websites. Catalogues with prices lists are sent monthly with updated changes so that resellers know ahead of time to make changes to their website. We support our resellers 100%. We encourage our partners to focus on the needs of their customers whether they want to resell a variety of mobile products or be exclusive with only a few products. GBDPower is the best choice globally. We want our resellers to be successful and we will do anything it takes to forge a successful and profitable partnership.
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